Snoop Dogg

American rapper, producer, entrepreneur and actor. Snoop Dogg has become the face of several Beyond Meat campaigns, attracting the attention of people who would not give products from this brand a chance. Recently, the well-known rapper often promotes plant-based alternatives and thus shows, not only to his fans, the possibilities of how to easily switch to a plant-based diet. In addition to Beyond Meat, it also supports vegan businesses such as the food truck Vurger Guyz or Slutty Vegan. His family also helps Snoop Dogg with a plant-based diet, in an interview with Forbes he said that some of his loved ones are vegans or vegetarians. He also stated that he is trying to adjust his diet to stay in shape. He is rumored to be developing his own brand of plant-based hot dogs.

Matthew Kenney

American chef, entrepreneur and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine. Matthew Kenney is the author of twelve cookbooks, the founder of dozens of plant-based restaurants, and

Dawn Richard

American singer also known as D∆WN. She has been vegan since 2013. She has appeared in PETA advertising campaigns promoting a vegan lifestyle and protesting

Casey Affleck

American actor, younger brother of Ben Affleck. In 1995 he became a vegan for ethical reasons. Since then, she has been defending animal rights and