Forky's concept

Welcome to Forky’s – an international franchise network of vegan bistros and restaurants that focuses on a sustainable concept of dining and lifestyle.

We take pride in preparing all our dishes from high-quality 100% plant-based ingredients, ensuring that they are not only delicious and beautiful but also nourishing and healthy. Our ethical principles guide us to create meals that respect the environment and are available in as many areas as possible.

With every ordered meal, you help save significant resources while also supporting projects related to environmental protection and other ethical topics alongside us.

Respect for life: a healthy active life, ethics, environmental respect, sustainability, and responsibility for a better future for all – these are fundamental areas that intertwine with our philosophy.

We also offer franchise opportunities for those who share our values and want to venture into the unique field of sustainable dining.

We believe that together we can have a positive impact on the planet and our health, and we look forward to your visit in Forky’s. Come join us in changing the world!

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Our branches

You can find Forky’s branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can visit us, for example, in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Trnava, we are preparing other places for you.

Go plant-based with Forky's

Forky’s offers a solution for anyone who wants to make a change and go completely plant-based.

Our Forky's branches

this year they have sold approx


dishes with only meat alternatives

and thus saved approx


kg CO2 equivalent

“Our calculations were based on the average carbon footprint of the food we use for our products. These are always only estimates, but we stuck to the more conservative ones. The saving of CO2 equivalent is thus probably even greater than we state.”

The CO2 equivalent takes into account not only CO2 as such, but also other greenhouse gases, such as methane produced by cows. The latter is several times worse for the atmosphere. It is converted to CO2 equivalent, i.e. what effect would the given gas have on the atmosphere if it were CO2.

We write for you

Read articles about healthy eating, get inspired by delicious plant-based recipes, and check out the events that we regularly prepare for you.

The wall of famous

Is the connecting element of Forky’s branches. This wall is full of names of personalities whose diet did not (or does not) contain meat in


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