Plant-based alternatives to meat

Forky’s tries to offer a wide range of dishes so that every guest can choose something interesting from the menu. We are inspired by world cuisines and at the same time we enjoy discovering completely new directions. Here you will find clean and fresh vegetable salad variations (Superbowls), street food dishes, beer and wine trifles and many other specialties.

Meat alternatives are an important menu item at Forky’s. It is the first step that will allow all of us to make an easier transition to a meat-free diet, be it complete or partial. The number of so-called flexitarians, people who are aware of the impacts of the animal industry on their own health and sustainability, is increasing worldwide every year. And if we like meat products, (not to mention if we’ve been used to them all our lives) then it’s the right way.

Our alternatives are created with an optimal mixture of legumes, cereals and spices, so they always contain a lot of much-needed fiber.

They provide the necessary nutrients, including protein and iron, and are often enriched with other natural vitamins and minerals that are gradually disappearing from current crops. And of course they taste surprisingly good.

Our seitan Kebab wrap, Strips wrap, Potato dumplings filled with smoked pea protein, Burgers, Nuggets, Fried steak, gluten-free Mini meatballs made of lentils and rice, Forky’s chunks – juicy “chicken” pieces made from European unmodified soy, Middle Eastern Shish kebab enriched with vitamin B12, or alternatives to Nordsee grill fillet and others – all these products are healthy, tasty and often nutritionally better substitutes for conventional meat originals.

And, of course, we must not forget the significantly lower ecological footprint. Did you know, for example, that just 1 kg of our burger meatballs saves the amount of CO2 equivalent to approx. 120 km of driving by car, if you eat them instead of a conventional beef burger?

Or that plant-based alternatives to meat save up to 50% of water in production?

Don’t be afraid to try them and definitely try to include them in your diet at least a few times a week.

Either at our Forky’s branches or at your home, where you can order them from our e-shopu