DeAndre Jordan

American basketball player, member of the Brooklyn Nets, National Basketball Association. DeAndre Jordan started a plant-based diet three years ago in order to eat healthier. In an interview with CloseUp36, he said that as a top athlete, he is careful about what he puts into his body, and animal foods burden him. Two years ago, the famous basketball player invested together
with thirteen other professional athletes to the popular company Beyond Meat. The American athlete said in an interview with Forbes magazine that he has high hopes for this brand, he fell in love with their products. DeAndre Jordan highlights the benefits of a plant-based diet on his social networks and challenged his followers on Instagram last November
to the Meatless Monday challenge as part of World Vegan Month. This May, he launched his own plant-based cooking show, Cooking Clean, which features eight episodes. In each of them, Jordan teams up with one of his favorite chefs and together they prepare a delicious plant-based recipe. Each episode also focuses on a different cuisine. For example, the guest is Joanne Molinaro, known as The Korean Vegan, who will show viewers how to properly prepare kimchi fried rice. Latisha Daring, founder of Greedi Kitchen, will show off her tricks for plant-based omelets using Just Egg.

Snoop Dogg

American rapper, producer, entrepreneur and actor. Snoop Dogg has become the face of several Beyond Meat campaigns, attracting the attention of people who would not

Matthew Kenney

American chef, entrepreneur and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine. Matthew Kenney is the author of twelve cookbooks, the founder of dozens of plant-based restaurants, and

Dawn Richard

American singer also known as D∆WN. She has been vegan since 2013. She has appeared in PETA advertising campaigns promoting a vegan lifestyle and protesting