Kim Kardashian

American model, television personality and businesswoman. At the beginning of this year, she announced on her social networks that she had definitely decided to eliminate meat from her diet. Kim Kardashian has tried to experiment with a plant-based diet several times, but now it seems that this is no longer just a temporary trial and is inspiring other family members as well. Through her platform, she helps spread awareness about plant-based eating, reducing one’s carbon footprint, and regularly shares her favorite plant-based alternatives, such as Beyond Meat. The American model said that she initially decided on a plant-based diet for health reasons, but over time she also came to the ethical side of the matter and began to focus on fashion, cosmetics and other sectors in addition to food. Kim Kardashian is set to teach plant-based cooking classes at her sister Kourtney’s Poosh Your Wellness virtual festival.

Snoop Dogg

American rapper, producer, entrepreneur and actor. Snoop Dogg has become the face of several Beyond Meat campaigns, attracting the attention of people who would not

Matthew Kenney

American chef, entrepreneur and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine. Matthew Kenney is the author of twelve cookbooks, the founder of dozens of plant-based restaurants, and

Dawn Richard

American singer also known as D∆WN. She has been vegan since 2013. She has appeared in PETA advertising campaigns promoting a vegan lifestyle and protesting