Orlando Bloom

The British actor recently told The Sunday Times in an interview that almost his entire diet is based on a plant-based diet. He added that the main reason why he excludes animal products from his diet is his respect for animals. In addition to animal rights, the actor also spoke about the environment, which is important to him. Last October, he encouraged his followers on Instagram to vote for a representative who is not indifferent to the planet we live on. Orlando Bloom also admitted that his fiancee, singer Katy Perry, is supporting him in the decision for a vegan lifestyle.

Snoop Dogg

American rapper, producer, entrepreneur and actor. Snoop Dogg has become the face of several Beyond Meat campaigns, attracting the attention of people who would not

Matthew Kenney

American chef, entrepreneur and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine. Matthew Kenney is the author of twelve cookbooks, the founder of dozens of plant-based restaurants, and

Dawn Richard

American singer also known as D∆WN. She has been vegan since 2013. She has appeared in PETA advertising campaigns promoting a vegan lifestyle and protesting